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The use of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

PTFE's unique properties make it have a wide range of applications in the field of chemical, petroleum, textile, food, paper, medicine, electronics, and machinery and other industrial and marine operations.

1, the application of anti-corrosion

Rubber, glass, metal alloys and other materials in the corrosion resistance there is a defect, it is difficult to meet the environment of the harsh conditions of temperature, pressure and chemical medium coexist, the resulting loss is quite staggering. PTFE material with its excellent corrosion resistance has become a major petroleum, chemical, textile and other industries corrosion-resistant materials. Specific applications include: high school low pressure pipeline pipeline conveying corrosive gas, exhaust pipes, steam pipes, rolling mill, high pressure tubing, aircraft hydraulic system and cold system, distillation columns, heat exchanger, kettle, tower, trough lining, valves, chemical equipment.

The seal performance good or bad has a great impact on the efficiency and performance of the entire machinery and equipment.PTFE material with corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, low friction coefficient and not sticky, wide temperature range, good flexibility makes it very suitable for the manufacture of corrosion resistant requirements of high use temperature higher than 100 ° C seals.Such machines, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, large diameter containers, valves, pumps, a grooved flange seal glass Fanyingguo, a flange, the seal member of the large diameter flange, the shaft, the piston rod, the valve rod, The worm pump, rod seals.

2, low-friction performance in the application of load aspects

Some equipment the friction parts should not be lubricated, such as the failure of occasions in grease solvent dissolved or paper, pharmaceutical, food, textile and other industrial products in the field of the need to avoid lubricant contamination, which filled PTFE material machinery and equipment parts without oil lubrication (loads), the ideal material. This is because the coefficient of friction of the material is known with the solid material in the lowest. Its specific uses, including for chemical equipment, paper machinery, agricultural machinery bearings, used as piston rings, machine tool guide, guide ring; widely used as bridges, tunnels, steel roof trusses, large chemical pipelines, storage tanks in Civil Engineering bearing slide, as well as used as a bridge support and bridging twist.

3, in electrical and electronic applications

The inherent low loss PTFE material with a small dielectric constant so that it can be made of enameled wire for the micro-motor, thermocouple, the control device; PTFE film is the manufacture of capacitors, radio insulating liner, insulated cables, motors and transformers ideal One of the insulating material, but also aerospace and other industrial electronic component indispensable material; using fluorine for oxygen permeable plastic film, while the water vapor through the selective permeability is small such an oxygen sensor can be manufactured; The fluorine plastic electrode deviates to the charge characteristics of the phenomenon occurs in the high temperature, high pressure, can produce a microphone, a speaker, on the robot parts, etc.; use of the characteristics of a low refractive index, can be manufactured optical fiber.

4 in the medical and pharmaceutical applications

Expanded PTFE material is pure inert, has very strong biocompatible, does not cause the body's rejection, no physiological side effects on the human body, can be any method disinfection, and possessed more porous structure and thus can be used for a variety of rehabilitation solutions , including artificial blood vessels and patches for soft tissue regeneration for vascular, cardiac, general surgery and orthopedic surgery suture.

5, the release properties of the application

PTFE material has the minimum surface tension in the solid material does not adhere to any material, and also has the excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, so that it is very broad such as manufacturing aspects of the application of non-stick release. Its release process mainly includes two types: the PTFE parts or sheet mounted on the substrate, as well as PTFE or glass composite linoleum after heat-shrinkable sleeve on the substrate.

With the continuous development of material application technology, three major shortcomings of the PTFE material: cold flow difficult weldability, hard to melt processability is gradually being overcome, so that it is in the optical, electronic, medical, petrochemical and oil seepage a variety of applications in the field of broader prospects