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PTFE lined metal mesh lining and three-dimensional rotating molding technology and pressure molding technology

PTFE lined metal mesh lining and three-dimensional rotating molding technology and pressure molding technology
The products of PTFE lined metal forming technology by PTFE lining, metal mesh, fluorine plastic welding film ( FEP Teflon FEP or a perfluorinated propyl vinyl ether copolymer PFA ), glass fiber, adhesives and metal shell.
Corrosion products of PTFE diamond mesh metal net and overcome the square mesh metal net ( or other forms ) technical problems
PTFE lined three-dimensional rotational molding technology is the high mobility of the engineering plastics in a machining the lining of the mold, heating the workpiece, while the mold around the axis of rotation and revolution of the axis of rotation, the molten plastic workpiece lumen surface coated with a layer of uniform, seamless, greatly improve the fluorine lining valve sealing performance, corrosion resistance and service life.
The forming process and sintering PTFE lining pressure molding technology.
1, preforming process
The elastic mould, parts of the workpiece cavity inside lining, outer wall in the differential pressure conditions, the elastic mould to make full use of the flexibility that has been installed in the cavity of PTFE powder compression and clings to the wall and lining, PTFE lining thickness consistency, completely solve the problem of die making technology and the thickness of the lining complex the shape of the workpiece cavity inconsistency caused by local stress concentration caused by crack problems. At the same time, overcome the curing reaction sintering process ( exothermic ) speed of inconsistent local stress concentration caused crack consequences.
2, sintering process
Expansive materials as free compensation to solve in the metal shell and PTFE lining sintering process of the coefficient of linear expansion gap, thermal expansion and contraction caused by the inconsistent PTFE lined with metal shell layer from quartz sand.
PTFE lined pressure molding technology can be applied to geometry, complex structure of the valve ( valve, valve ) cavity forming, expanding and improving the use of similar products temperature range and corrosion resistance, wear resistance, sealing reliability, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pesticides, dyes, pharmaceutical, military and other corrosive serious use occasions and medium or material conveying pipeline system.
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