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PTFE molding technology is mature and excellent field of application of polymer

PTFE molding technology is mature and excellent field of application of polymer
  PTFE can be compression or extrusion molding; also be made of water dispersion for coating, impregnation or made into fibers.
  PTFE in the nuclear, defense, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, machinery, apparatus, instruments, construction, textile, metal surface treatment, pharmaceutical, medical, textile, food, metallurgical smelting and other industries widely used as high temperature , corrosion-resistant materials, insulation materials, release coating, so that the products become irreplaceable.
  PTFE has excellent excellent overall performance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-stick, self-lubricating, excellent dielectric properties, low coefficient of friction. Used as engineering plastics, can be made Teflon tube, rod, strip, plate, film, etc., generally used in high performance requirements of corrosion-resistant pipes, containers, pumps, valves and system radar, high frequency communications equipment, radio equipment. Adding the PTFE sintered PTFE can withstand temperatures of any filler, available greatly improved mechanical properties, while maintaining excellent performance PTFE other. Varieties filled glass fiber, metal, metal oxide, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, carbon slender, polyimide, EKONOL ... etc. abrasion limit PV value can be increased 1000 times.
  PTFE tubing PTFE granular resin by ram extruding. In the known plastics PTFE has the best chemical resistance and dielectric properties. PTFE braided packing is a good dynamic sealing material is texturized poly vinyl chloride strips woven with a low coefficient of friction, wear and chemical resistance, good sealing, not hydrolysis, is not harden and excellent performance. Work for a variety of media liner seals and lubricating materials, as well as in a variety of frequencies used in electrical insulation, capacitor dielectric, wire insulation, electrical insulation and other instruments. PTFE film suitable for use as a capacitor dielectric, special cable insulation, wire insulation, electrical insulation and sealing gasket instrument, but also do not stick tape, sealing tape stripping.